Christina has been spray tanning
 customers since 2005.
She was voted as 2012 best spray tan in Pittsburgh by CBSlocal Pittsburgh
She is SmartTan Spray Tan certified. 
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Prior to your Spray tan

  • Exfoliants used prior to tanning will increase the effectiveness of the tanning, so exfoliate really well and minimize dry areas. 
  • Wear loose dark clothing preferably no bra
  • Do not use any deodorant or moisturizers
  • You may tan with or without undergarments 
 Spray Tanning Prices    
 Mobile Spray      $40 plus $1/mile
 Speed Spray
 develops 1-3 hours
 Upper Body              $22
 Legs          $20
 Face      $8
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Spray Tans Harrison City Salon Only!!

Spray tan Parties!
Have a spray tan party for any special event or just for fun
Have 5 or more guests your spray is only $15
 guests only $30
Have 10 or more guests your spray is free 
  plus you get a bonus touch up spray in a bottle 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is spray tan applied?
A: Christina  uses the Australian Gold® Laser SprayTans™ System uses a patented laser guide to deliver a smooth, gorgeous, perfectly even tan she also uses the new California Tan mobile unit. 
Q: How long do I have to wait afterwords before I can shower? A: For best results, we recommend that the Solution be allowed to absorb into the skin for a minimum of 1 hours, but the longer the better up to 3 hrs
Q: Will my skin be orange like other self-tanning products?
A: No. Through scientifically advanced pH testing, our California Tan Laser SprayTans™ System solution is uniquely formulated to virtually eliminate the “oranging” effects associated with most other self-tanning products.  However You do tend to glow the night of application until you shower for the first time.
Q: Will the spray discolor my hair or clothes?
A: The solution does not absorb into hair but you may choose to wear a cap we provide. There is a chance some will transfer to your clothing. The bronzer is aloe vera based and will wash off most fabric.
Q: What about allergic reactions?
A: If you are allergic to other sunless tanning products or have hypersensitive skin, we recommend checking with your physician before using the products and coming in for a patch test.
Q: Will my DHA tan protect me from the sun?
A: No. The product does not contain sunscreen